Monday, 19 March 2012

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 Empire Rose shirt

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My Pick of the Archibald Prize






Lovely to see a few non-conventional entries to this years major portrait competition, The Archibald Prize.

The last of my top five favourites from the draw is by Melbourne-based stencil artist, Luke Cornish, who also goes by the tag name of E.L.K

His depiction of Father Bob Maguire is the first graffiti entry to make it through to the finals of the competition.

It's great that E.L.K has taken an alternative approach to the traditional art of portraiture. Not only has he used an nontraditional medium but he has also done so while painting a priest in a fresh and unusual way.

The painting used 30 stencils and 9 different shades of grey.

Local Suicide

I found this bionic corpse near my house in Brunswick.

I love that someone didn't need their TV anymore and decided to give it a dramatic death.